Thursday, November 15

Where is the sun?

Yes, I am alive, but completely wiped out. I'm ready for a break. It has been crazy the past couple of weeks. Fashion Central has been more than a job, it has become my home. Good news is that everything is going fabulously! Bad news is that with the holiday season approaching, my hours will not be decreasing soon. For the first time today, I left work early enough to see light. Bad sign when you go to work too early to see light, and leave too late. Of course living in Oregon makes the leaving too late in the dark a reality on a daily basis no matter what (it is dark around 5:00). However, I don't really enjoy going into work before the sun is up. It makes it feel like a very long day. (Good thing I'm not a commuter!) I think I should try to go outside during my lunch.

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