Tuesday, August 14

Back to School!

LM got into Harritt Elementary Spanish Immersion program! His immediate reaction:  "I don't want to go. I don't want to learn Spanish." Awesome-now you tell us. But we're going there. Turns out he was just afraid and scared. After all we have been talking about Kalapuya a lot since the school year is starting soon. So today we went and registered, took a small tour of the school, and spent some time in the first grade classrooms. They even had a welcome gift for LM. They completely understood how he felt, and now he isn't nervous at all. In fact he thinks we should only speak Spanish at home and had me get him a Spanish workbook to start doing now.

Of course the school supply lists between Kalapuya and Harritt are really different. We went from needing 20 glue sticks to 10 glue sticks and 3 liquid. We don't need ziplock bags, but we do need baby wipes. We don't need pencils, but we need pens. It goes on. Funny we already bought and opened pretty much everything, so now I have an extra 10 glue sticks for use around the house (actually 14, because the packs only came in sets of 12).

Overall we're pretty excited. I really wish I had this opportunity when I was a kid. (MOM)

Oh-and for those who are wondering, #2 on the wait list (we were 3) declined! It was one of the first things I asked.

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Jen said...

Congratulations!! And thanks for the including the last paragraph...it was my first thought when I read the opening sentence!