Sunday, July 29

Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse

Except a mouse was stirring. It was stirring right through the kitchen by me. I always wondered how I would react to a mouse in the house. Not good. It was around 11:00 at night, but LM was still up helping me make gingerbread. Bill was wrapping gifts upstairs. Bonnie was sleeping. I started screaming; and I kept screaming. Then I started to get hysterical and almost crying. It was not pretty. Of course I woke Bonnie up. I actually got on a chair; I just didn't feel safe. It took over an hour to get me off that chair. The OCD kicked in. I felt like the whole house was contaminated. I thought there were mice every year. I was genuinely freaked out of my mind and could see no reason. I felt like I could never walk on the floor again without shoes and really didn't think I could ever leave the chair. My mind can really take me for a loop sometimes. Bill spent a lot of time calmly down and laughing at the same time--that didn't help. Before Bill threw the mouse out the door he had LM come up to see. Apparently everyone thought out of all mice this one was actually pretty dang cute. Bill said he had big ears just like Fivel. Of course Bonnie didn't even know who that was. It is funny now. It really wasn't funny then.

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