Thursday, October 21

Spare a second

Oh those international adoption snags. In August the US suspended new adoptions from Nepal. Thankfully our friend who is adopting from there just barely got her referral in time. But now the US has slowed the VISA approval process and is threatening to deny VISAs for those last referrals. She has already adopted her daughter and spent time with her, but cannot bring her home. Apparently it could take even a year to get the VISA. I don't think I even need to mention how precious time is with children, but I can't imagine leaving my new little one for an indefinite amount of time. So below is a petition to Congress asking the VISA process for these children be expedited. Sign if you agree.

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Jen said...

I never write to my gov't officials or sign petitions. But you make such a compelling argument... and a few clicks on the internet makes it easy! What torture for those families. I hope the petition makes a difference.