Saturday, September 11

When there's a wedding, you can be sure there will be a family reunion

I missed one, but was able to go to the Ogles one (you know, with Gramo)

My mom stole a fun series of games, entitled “A Minute to Win It”, from the other reunion to do at the Ogles reunion. The games were short, silly, no
skill required games. I usually hate participating in these things; I like to chat and observe, but as always I was roped in as a grandchild. I actually enjoyed myself. The games were so fun and very quick. (which was good for everyone)

Some of the games:

put Oreo on forehead and w/o using hands get in mouth

blow bubbles through a cut out paper plate (for the little kids), with the wind it was a little challenging

pull out tissues from a box one at a time as fast as possible (my sis-in-law won at both reunions, she is amazing to watch!) Lisa is the one on the left.

use a gummy worm fishing rod to pick up pretzels from the ground and eat the pretzels, in order for it to work, you have to start by sucking on the gummy worms for a while to get them nice and sticky

fill a sponge with water on one end, run to the other end and squeeze out as much as possible, whoever has the most water at end wins

Oh yeah-we sent LM and Bonnie out early for the festivities so they could spend more time with family. For 6 days LM did not cry, complain, or say anything about wanting Bill and I. In fact, when we called he would run away crying because he didn’t want to talk to us. This kid is just like us-very independent. How satisfying. (I love ya too LM)

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