Thursday, September 9

Loving life, loving the house

Moving...I love my house. More than I even thought possible. I consider this house as Skipper-Barbie’s little sister-a teenager house. Considering that this is not my Barbie house, I thought I would enjoy it, but understand its limitations. This is not possible. Coming from a wonderful, but small and very old basement apartment, I’m in love. Almost everyday we look at each other and wonder how we happened to get the perfect house. A series of random events led us here as we were never even close to moving into this neighborhood or this type of house. It was almost the exact opposite of my priorities. But the first time we walked through it we knew. We called our realtor that night and said to make an offer. Needless to say she was surprised because we had barely even walked through it.

Here we are now many months later and after adding some of our own aesthetics, I’m very content. Just 3 months in I’m wondering how we could ever leave. I have a feeling it will feel small sooner than I realize.

Some of you have seen the house, some will soon, and for the others out there who are interested in a good time and a look into our lives we are hoping to do a housewarming in October. More to come on that...

Oh-and for the out-of-staters, pictures will come as soon as we have the final touches complete.

(house with the new roof put on before we moved in, you can’t see it, but the other new addition was air conditioning)

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