Thursday, September 16

Bon Bon, Shake your Bon Bon

Oh Aunt Bonnie-I don’t even know where to begin. I don’t know anyone else on the planet that could not only put up with our family for a summer, but also be a loyal servant. Seriously, she was practically a slave, but I would say servant because we were actually paying her.

Annoying things that should have made her run, or cry

Walking out of the bathroom and being taped up-so you can’t even move

Very purposely and regularly being scared out of your mind—like having someone stomp up the stairs late at night while sharpening a knife

Listening to my incessant and very piercing (so they say) singing about everything, especially when I’m right (“I’m right, because I’m right. Don’t pick a fight, because I’m right”—this song is a march)

Dealing with our somewhat scary, but hilarious alter-egos (Jerome, Shirley, and Frankenstein; we named her Spencer, but then gave her a sex changed and named her Spencita)

Constantly being flashed by her sister. Actually not some much flashed, just plain walking around naked

Hid toilet paper and gave her wipes

And all the regular teasing stuff-hot/cold showers, joking about boys, calling her Bonnie in front of every salesperson (I’m still confused about why this bothered her)

Servant duties

Clean bathrooms

Do dishes

Sweep and mop

Take care of LM when we weren’t available

Run errands-like grocery shopping or Target

Make a quilt

Recover kitchen chairs

Change all the electrical outlet covers

Paint every room in the house

Pick up me and Bill as needed

Mow the lawn


Make breakfast

Get LM ready everyday

And everything else we could think of

The best part was she always took initiative—many things on the list she did on her own free will! She is seriously the hardest worker ever. I should seriously be a reference on her resume.

LM loved her; Bill loved her; I loved her. There was always someone around to talk to, and life was just more fun with 3 adults. So now we miss her. And she never has time to talk to me-what is it with college freshman?

I think I know the two reasons she decided to live with us...clothes and boat

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Bonnie said...

you forgot scanning 3 scrapbooks into the computer.