Friday, September 10


About Sarah-my best friend/cousin/college roommate

I always describe her like that because I want people to truly understand how special this girl is to me. She’s not just my cousin or some roommate. She isn’t just one of my good friends. All of these people are important and special enough on their own, but she is ALL three.


  • Grew up in CA, but felt like she lived next door
  • Love/hate relationship-not that we EVER hated each other, but unlike other college roommates we could have a fight and recover quickly, like siblings
  • As uptight as me in different areas-we were able to help each other relax (at least she helped me, I don’t know if I did much to help her)
  • Generous like a typical Ogles—even though she is technically a Sheranian (now Monson)
  • Which brings up the next point-Armenian heritage just like me, but from a different part of the family
  • Selfless-quite a tall order, but true nonetheless, it’s wonderful to have a roomie like that
  • Understanding and wise, very helpful freshman year of college
  • FUNNY-in a way where I think “Oh how I love Sarah” because it is humor that only comes from her
  • English schoolteacher-I think that is actually quite descriptive
  • Same age as me, except I’m older by 2 months! And therefore I am the oldest grandchild, which is always nice to rub in.
  • Oldest child like me
  • Smart (like me)

Really a lot of wonderful things, but the real story is...she got engaged...and then married to a pretty awesome guy, who happens to be pretty perfect for her.

*thanks to mom for her awesome cropping skills some of the photos are a little strangely shaped. Ahh scraping in the 90s


Sarah said...

I feel just the same way about you. All my close friends know who you are-- even if they haven't met you! :-) And I loved looking at all those fun pictures.

Natalie said...

I think you were the cutest little kid ever! Seriously cute!

Did you torment your cousin like I hear you did to your siblings?