Thursday, April 22

Prompt #10: Do you avoid watching TV or reading fashion magazines because they make you feel unattractive? If so, why do you feel this way?

I wouldn't have done this prompt, but the first prompt I received was to do the next prompt no matter what. Obviously I had to do it. I watch a lot of tv; I read a lot of fashion magazines (my favs: People StyleWatch, Vogue, and InStyle). I'm not sure why, but they have never made me feel unattractive. In magazines, I honestly don't notice the bodies-only the clothes. Which is actually the way it is supposed to be. Models are around to highlight the clothing. On tv I sometimes admire the bodies, but it still doesn't make me feel bad. I've just never been the jealous model/body type. I feel lucky. On that note-I've also felt super comfortable/confident in my own skin. All I really care about is the fashion!


The Peton's said...

When I read your title, I thought, "this has to be some kind of joke, right?" I mean, you love fashion mags, and judging by your passion for Ghost Whisperer, you are a fan of the tee-vee. Thanks for keeping my updated on that show, by the way. Now I don't have to worry about watching it. What a load off my back!!

Arin said...

I'm with Natalie...seems like the perfect prompt for you! Ha, ha!

I also love the mags...but I will admit to sometimes thinking that it would be nice and probably beneficial to see clothes modeled on different types of bodies and shapes. I do love clothes for their own individual beauty and function but I also know sometimes looking at mags that outfits or pieces only look fantastic because they are on a 6 foot tall 110 lbs. beautiful girl. Ya know? Rant over! Ha!!!