Thursday, April 22

Interesting Update

Just in case you want to know more about the Ghost Whisperer saga...

Jim is still alive and well...kind of. He did die, but was of course in ghost form. Melinda (his wife/Ghost Whisperer) could see him and was trying to convince him to go into the light. He didn't want to leave her so eventually he entered another body! The man had just died and his ghost left his body and went into the light. Right after Jim entered and the man/Jim came alive. Melinda rushed up and oh no! He did not recognize her. For several episodes there was a weird Jim/other guy thing going on. Basically when he entered the body he lost all memory and thought he was the other guy. Finally he remembered everything and Melinda had her Jim back--in a different body of course. So no one else can tell it is Jim, but Melinda and close friends know. Also Jim is still being played by David Conrad even though he actually looks different to everyone. More good news...Melinda is pregnant but it is with Jim! She got pregnant right before he died so he also lives on in another form.

Isn't this show amazing?!


Anonymous said...

yes!!!!! Jim is adorable!!

Anonymous said...

It's Hannah by the way! :)