Monday, April 5

Between Life and Death

For many weeks now I have been obsessively watching a couple of tv series that I newly discovered--Criminal Minds and Ghost Whisperer. I could write a whole blog about Criminal Minds, but this post is dedicated to Ghost Whisperer. I'm not watching the current seasons of either just all the past seasons to catch up.

Tonight I settled in to watch a few Ghost Whisperer episodes. All was going fine when in the first episode out of the blue, Jim, the main character's husband, dies! I went from casually watching while cleaning, to bawling my eyes out. I was so mad! I love him! I couldn't believe that was just thrown at me during a random episode.
(This is Jim)

Well obviously I am now committed to staying up late tonight to finish all the episodes I have. But I've already done a lot of research online because that is one cliff hanger I just can't handle. The good news is that love will prevail! (from what I can tell).

By the way--I've been making fun of Ghost Whisperer for at least a year now, and then one day I watched an episode. I love it now.


The Peton's said...

Ghost Whisperer? Really? Next, you'll be renting old episodes of "Touched by an Angel." Or have you already watched those ones? Tell the truth. . .

Jen said...

I don't watch GW, but I love David Conrad and I could have told you that he'd either die or get the show cancelled, which seems to be his specialty. :(

Liz Ogles said...

You should watch a couple episodes of this show "Lie to Me" I like it, you can watch it instantly on netflix. It's about this guy that can tell what you're thinking/feeling based on your facial expressions, it's pretty interesting and you might be able to test out some of the theories on Bill, drive him crazy :)