Tuesday, March 30

What kind of mother am I?

LM and I made cupcakes today. He never eats the entire cupcake, just the frosting. Most of the time he only licks the frosting; he does not even take bites. We make 12 cupcakes, frost them with several different colors of icing, and put sprinkles on. He eats his first one, and of course, licks only the top. Here's the good part--I tell him to eat the WHOLE cupcake or he will not get another.

As soon as I said it I took it back--"Are you done LM? Here I'll take it for you."

What kind of mother am I? The cupcake kind.

(It must be some kind of sugar envy!)

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Tiffany said...

I've caught myself doing the exact same thing!! That's when you say, "Hold on, let me try that again..." I love the way Adam and I try to get Lynnea to eat semi-healthy things by telling her it tastes like candy - why should everything taste like candy???