Tuesday, March 2

Prompt #4: I look up to ____________ because...

I thought about this for a long time and came to the realization that I look up to so many people for so many different things. Not to say that these are the only people who have affected my life, but these people have truly taught me something specific about life. Everyone on this list also has many wonderful traits which have definitely influenced other people besides me. But in my life these are the ones that affected me the most.

The list (in no particular order):

I look up to _________ because...

my dad, of his ability to listen and understand others' feelings (and then help them)
my mom, she never cares what others think and is always practical
Amy U., she knows how to travel efficiently and cost effectively (and then does it)
Sarah S., of her ability and willingness to serve others
Natalie P., of her sense of humor and laid back approach to life
Bill W. (my father-in-law), of his wisdom
Julianna L., of her ability to appreciate, love, and see everyone
Mark and Pepper E., of their originality
Lisa and Keith M., of their ability to budget, esp in emotional situations
Mike M., of his ability to talk to others and be genuine (and then Lisa for dealing with that!)
Max O., of his ambition
Amy B., because of her thoughtfulness and ability to be a true friend
Arin L., she knows herself and is confident
Kelli B., because she is loyal
Ruth D., of her faith
Nicole S., she says things that make me think and her values
Tiff S., she always gets things done in the end (even if there might be some procrastination along the way!)
Allie Z., of her commitment
Rach G., she stands up for herself and her choices (and always turns out to be right)
Kendell P., of her honesty
Bill W. (the husband), of his ability to prioritize and work hard

And finally, this list wouldn't be complete without mentioning myself. I honestly think we should all respect, love, and look up to ourselves, and yes, I do respect, love, and look up to myself. I think we can surprise ourselves.

Myself, of my ability to endure, be strong, and not be afraid of taking on the challenges of life


Amy said...

You should look up to yourself for your ability to choose friends...with the qualities you've listed in all the people here, you've got quite an amazing group of friends!

I feel honored to make the list.

The Peton's said...

Woo Hoo! I made the list! Yeah, I'd say you have some good friends. But I think you have an ability to see the good in every person/situation.

Sarah said...

I look up to you, Becca, for your ability to set and achieve goals and live life to the fullest! I still think of you as my empowerment partner. lol. :-)