Tuesday, March 2

3 things I think I should mention

1-The booty pop post was a joke; apparently there is some confusion. Like I need that! (but I guess Allie does! :)

2-I sent my Christmas cards today! And I didn't excuse my lateness at all. I had already sealed the envelopes so I couldn't put anything inside, and I was too lazy to write on the outside (remember I'm the girl who is sending Christmas cards in March).

3-I'm NOT pregnant. Rumors are flying-but I'm not.


sarah said...

Thank you for putting rumors to rest. I feel like I have heard that you're pregnant from at least 4 different people. I kept waiting for you to look pregnant, but it didn't happen.

The Peton's said...

I think you should have milked the pregnant rumor. It's a great excuse to leave the 3rd hour of church. . . Not that I've ever done that before. And, it's a great excuse to be a little psycho.

Sarah said...

What I want to know is WHY people thought you were pregnant.