Wednesday, February 24

Prompt #1: What I love to wear

My friend inspired me to use some blog prompts to keep up with some of the daily things in my life. In a time where journal writing is difficult, having a blog really helps me to record my life. So I'm literally taking her blog prompts and using them!

Tops: I love sweaters/sweater cardigans. So despite my love of warmer temps, I prefer winter to summer fashion wise. My favorites are a chunky knitted wool and usually come from Anthropologie. And to wear with these sweaters a thermal top in some type of fabulous pattern. Can't get enough!

Bottoms: Leggings, leggings, leggings Seriously the most comfortable bottoms ever. I also love my boyfriend jeans (an oversized, more straight cut denim that is supposed to resemble wearing men's denim, shocker). Because they are oversized not only are they crazy comfortable, you also feel super skinny!

Shoes: Boots in all varieties. Short, mid-calf, knee height, over-the-knee. Rain, uggs, leather, riding, suede, cowboy, vintage. Basically everything. I have an addiction to quality shoes and my boots are no exception. I buy to last a lifetime and so far they have proven that. I love my boots because they last so much longer than my other shoes. I'm not afraid to drop the cash for something that I'll wear forever! Oh and by the way-my boots are my most comfortable shoes of all no matter what height heel.

Jewelry/Accessories: I don't wear a lot of jewelry, but I wear earrings pretty much everyday. I'm not sure why. I don't really have a favorite earring, but I feel empty without them. Coming from an accessory background I feel naked without some type of add on whether it's jewelry, scarves, hats, etc. I feel like the accessory is what takes an outfit from just nice to truly trendy and fashionable. Right now I love scarves, but generally I would say hats are my favorite. I have quite a collection of both, and I would say my recent downtrend of hats relates directly to my desire to keep my hair looking good. Everyone knows if you wear a hat all day it gives you horrible hat hair.

Dresses/Skirts: I own a lot more skirts, but actually prefer dresses. Modest dresses are just so impossible to find! I've been looking for a great Easter dress for a couple months and every single one I've ordered so far is just too short. I'm going crazy. So I buy a lot of skirts. I like to find unique ones beyond your basic black or other solid colors. I have a lot more good summer skirts than winter because they also seem to be easier to find--at least in the cute patterns. Of course a great summer favorite is the maxi dress which I could basically wear everyday. And don't forget to finish it off with a pair of fabulous gladiator sandals.

Favorite stores: Not hard to guess-Nordstrom and Anthropologie. One out of convenience and one because of true love. These haven't always been my fav, and I've really enjoyed watching my fashion progressing over the last 10 years. Sometimes I try to shop at other stores more regularly because you can always find something great, but I just get annoyed. At my favorite stores I don't have to put in much effort-I love everything. It makes it easy to shop. I love the look of truly vintage clothing but I just cannot do second-hand stores. I have some friends who do a fabulous job of finding the best things, but I seriously get sick at the thought. The last time I stepped into a second-hand store I thought I was going to die. I literally have a panic attack--heart racing, hyperventilating, sweating, etc. I can't touch anything, and I wash my hands excessively afterwards, but this is a whole other topic! (and know you all know I'm a little OCD)

If anyone actually reads all of this you must have a lot of time on your hands--you are probably the type to spend a little too much time on facebook as well.


Shalyse said...

who meeeee???? haha. I love this post! :-) you are ms. FASHION. it was fun to read about your LOVES!

Jen said...

I read the whole thing and I don't even like fashion...what does that say about me? Very informative post, although I think I already knew all that about you...except for hyperventilated at a thrift store. Hilarious! Though probably not so funny for you. :)

Amy said...

I'm glad I inspire you :)

Prestwich Family said...

Okay I read the whole thing too and to just prove how fashion retarded I am, I have never heard of a Maxi dress. The first thing that popped into my head was a maxi-pad, but obviously that has nothing to do with it!!!