Monday, January 18

the only reason I will tolerate snow

We just got back from a quick weekend trip to Sunriver-which at this time of year equals skiing! Of course it isn't a fun trip without some good friends to enjoy it with. We went with the Bauer's, which pretty much guarantees a fun trip.

Although Nathan and Bill attacked the slopes, the trip was mostly first timers (me, LM, and Amy). We all decided the best way to keep our marriages intact was to get some lessons for Amy and I. We were lucky to have an amazing teacher and a small class (3 people, but the other girl ditched early, so really just me and Amy!). After a good 2 hours, we actually had enough of the basics down to enjoy ourselves. All I have to say is if I can learn to ski-anyone can!

LM also had lessons in between his fun at the daycare. I can't believe how quickly he picked it up! After just 2 days he was skiing down the little hill by himself--almost stopping/slowing everytime. Sometimes he would just fall-but he loved every second. Bill and I even spent some time skiing with him after his lesson. LM was lucky enough to have a personal ski lift aka Bill. (Bill admitted the was the biggest workout of the day for him.)

On our second day Amy and I hit some blue runs--although somewhat unknowingly--with the help of our coaches (Bill and Nathan). I've decided that as much as I love Mt. Bachelor, it isn't really the best for first time skiers. There aren't very many green runs, and almost all of them require some blues to get there. It was a challenge, and we both took our fair share of spills. But we survived and enjoyed ourselves! Of course we also enjoyed our little breaks at the lodge (where I pestered Amy into getting her picture taken repeatedly--she only relented after I let her take mine)

Of course every day ended with a trip to Goody's (ice cream/candy shop) and a yummy meal. The boys really spoiled us on this trip doing a lot of the cooking--(one of our friends, Jeff, makes the craziest most amazing pancake ever--it seriously has about 30 ingredients)

I think Nathan and Bill considered the trip successful since they created 3 new skiing monsters. I think the trip was successful because I truly found a reason to love snow, and it solidifies my commitment to the West coast (sorry grandparents). I can't imagine living somewhere where I would have to fly to ski.


The Peton's said...

Skiiing/snowboarding is the BEST!! And you did the right thing: lessons. It's the difference between a good time or miserable time. I used to be a snowboard instructor, but I refused to teach Neal. I wanted my marriage to last. So, he took a series of lessons and was as good as me by the end of the season. We're weekending in Bachelor in a couple of weeks. I'm so excited!!

Marsha Weidner said...

Looks like a great time.

Amy Herradura Bauer said...

Nathan loved the pic of him so much it is now his profile pic on fb :)

I, however, will not be using the pic you have here for fb...