Tuesday, December 29

A Home for Hansel and Gretel

This year we made our gingerbread houses from scratch instead of buying a kit. I'm not sure why I never considered it before; it was so easy and according to some, tasted way better. We went to a great candy store to load up on just the right decorations for the houses and ended up spending $200 on candy--not really, but that's what they charged me. Don't worry we got it all straightened out later. I made two houses, but wished later I had one for myself. I usually don't like to decorate, but with the better candy I was sad to miss out. I compensated by taking millions of pictures. Lisa and Max did a house, and Liz and LM. Each group had a different approach to their house. As you can see, LM and Liz were very artistic, while Max and Lisa went more traditional. I believe they were trying to build their dream house.They humored me afterward by letting me take a group photo. It only took about 20 minutes to get LM to cooperate.

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Amy said...

I love how the bokey from you Christmas tree mimic the candies on the house! That is so cool!