Monday, November 16

The Accident

I think almost everyone has heard about Bill's accident by now-but for the family history sake I am documenting it on the blog.

Friday, Oct. 30, 2009: I get a call from a senior partner at the firm Bill works for. He was calling from Bill's phone, which I threw me off quite a bit. I knew something was up. He goes on to tell me that Bill has been in a bike accident and is at the emergency room. He suggested I make my way down. Sadly my first reaction was--Bill is trying to trick me. I have played a far sure of jokes on Bill--some even more serious in nature because I just love tricking him. I thought this was his ultimate way of getting back. But I quickly realized there was no way he would rope in a senior partner at the firm. That was pushing the limits. (good thing it wasn't one of his friends that called) I called my mom who was rational enough to tell me to go drop off LM at a friend's house. My friend lives only 2 blocks away, but I couldn't find her house--I was a little frantic.

I parked in the first spot I could find and started wandering around the maze that is called our hospital. I've always thought that place was confusing, even when I am thinking rationally. I ran into the emergency room like someone out of a movie "my husbands here, they just brought him in..." and was directed to another room. I walked quickly there, went in the room, and had a huge sigh of relief. He was fine--ok, not really, but fine by my terms.

Turns out he was able to walk away from what could have been a pretty serious accident with a very minor cut+5 stitches (you can barely even see it in the picture above). Oh, and a concussion that was actually a huge pain. Because of the concussion Bill had to spend the next 24 hours with me. So despite everything off we went to a Halloween party and then breakfast with book club the next morning. I'm such a good nurse.

Funny thing-he still doesn't remember the accident or really even that much about the hospital. Good thing I was there to remember for him.

Because of the concussion Bill got out of riding his bike for 3 weeks. Which turned out to be perfect timing because that was when the rain really began. Lucky for me we had a super nice friend who let us borrow a car. I get kind of possessive of Gigi--I'm not used to sharing.


Claudia said...

glad everything is ok. had no idea about the accident until someone at thanksgiving mentioned it. a good sense of humor always helps during these scary times ;)

kmon said...

That is a very serious picture Bill. Very serious... But seriously, I'm glad to hear you are ok. I hope the after effects are wearing off. Thanks for calling Lis after it happened.

Amy said...

So glad that he's ok...such a scary story!!!

The picture, and doing it in B/W, is a perfect illustration. Well done!