Monday, September 28

The list

I LOVE lists, not just in the normal love way that many people seem to like, but also in a freaky schizophrenic type of way. Bill is always commenting on my little papers/receipts/napkins that he finds with what he calls my "a beautiful mind scribble" that basically no one can read but me--they are all lists. Lists of things to do, buy, read, accomplish before I die, see, hear, look up, make, etc. Ok, but I'm starting to digress.

This list is a fairly updated list of things I WANT! What a fun one! And while this list could never be comprehensive (it is always changing, evolving, and endless) it does give you some insight into my current life. And there reveals another thing I like about lists--the things they tell us about people.

Now to simplify for the post I'll just put some of the things I want, but in reality my want list is further divided into lists by category and quite longer than this one.

The Lense

Nikon 24-70mm f/2.8--really is this just too much to ask for? Apparently yes because it does retail for about $1800. However this is the very next lense I just must have, which means I'll be shooting with the 50mm for a LONG time.

The bagThis picture does it absolutely no justice. And I must say this is a big moment for me because rarely would I have to have a Marc by Marc bag (yes I love everything about him, but for those of you who know me well, you know I'm a little bit of a bag snob and Marc by Marc just doesn't cut it sometimes!) One reason I shouldn't get this bag (besides the price tag)--it is the same style as all my other bags. But I do love all my other bags.

The skin care product
Yes, I have an eye cream on my wish list--I do have a great eye cream right now that will suffice, but if I could have my dream eye cream it would be this one by Chanel. I love their stuff, but I can only afford a little of it. So the eye cream will be on the wait list.

The cd

I have a few of their songs downloaded, but I really need to just get the whole thing. I usually don't spend much money on music because there are so many other things I would rather have.

The other bag

Everyone needs a small crossbody right now, and I LOVE this one.

The kitchen item
Believe it or not I don't have a food processor. I would just use the blender. Then my blender broke. Now I don't have a food processor or blender!

The house
One very good reason why I should STAY AWAY from all of the other things on the list.

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Arin said...

The lens is on my dream lens list too...just so hard to justify that one...but I desperately want it.

I also love the Marc by Marc Jacobs bag...the color is divine. Beautiful! I love your list...but my fave is the Gardner!!!