Friday, August 21

The rest of the trip

Grandma O looking festive
After the wedding festivities we had an Ogles family reunion. Our reunions basically consist of hanging out at the church cultural hall singing karaoke, playing card games, and eating. I love them.
One of the amazing karaoke performances.
Arm wrestling mania
We invited Bill's brother JJ to hang out with us at the Ogles reunion activities. There was a lot of arm wrestling going on, so JJ challenged Bill. Bill and I kept telling JJ he was definitely stronger (he being young and in the National Guard doing regular push-ups, etc). JJ wouldn't take no for an answer...Bill ended up winning. Older brother still triumphs!

Papa Ogles (my dad) with my brothers and LM
LM relaxing in the hammock.
After hanging out in AF/Provo/Orem/Springville area for a week, we headed up to Brigham City to go camping with my mom's sister's family.

The trip ended with Max and Lisa coming back from their honeymoon and hanging out one last day with them. We did this picture at Bonnie's insistence.
(joking-it was really Liz who forced Bonnie to do it. We didn't give her a choice, just picked her up)

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Bill said...

Regarding the arm wrestling, Becca left out a few key facts: 1) J.J. is left handed and I am right handed. 2) I believe I sprained something in my elbow during the match.

But, I still won. That's the important thing...