Wednesday, June 10

Tony Awards-Musicals only

I'm sure I would enjoy the plays just fine, but usually my excitement and interest is the musical side of the awards. I really don't know that much about the plays. Even my knowledge about the musicals is very limited, so you can imagine how little I know about the plays.

As my interest in Broadway expands, I enjoy the Tony awards more and more. This year was one of my best yet, where I feel like I really knew about who was nominated, had my own picks, and was happy with the results. Of course, I haven't seen any of the shows-limited budget and all.

I must say I was extremely happy for Billy Elliot to take over the night. For some reason I'm always attracted to shows that are seriously linked to dance--I love dancing (that is another blog post on its on). If I see show in New York anytime soon, this will be it. Because I do love the dance aspect of things so much, I know I need to see West Side Story soon as well. They did win one award (best performance by a featured actress in a musical) out of the 4 they were nominated for.

Who didn't love the little musical number from Hair? I love the soundtrack for Hair and was happy to see them awarded as well. Haven't decided yet if I'll ever actually see it. I know I would absolutely love it, but...

I was also really happy to actually see the performance from Next to Normal. I probably knew the least about this show, but after seeing Alice Ripley in action, I think it was pretty obvious she deserved to win.

Some new must sees (in addition to above): Shrek, Legally Blonde, and White Christmas

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Jen said...

I love musicals too! But I've never watched the Tonys...maybe next year!