Thursday, April 23

Working on-call

I worked the last two days. That was weird. I loved seeing my friends and getting caught up on the work news. It was fun to actually do the job. It felt good to do something different. On the other hand, man I was tired after work. Trying to go to the gym after work was horrible. I can't believe I used to work in retail all day and still work out. My legs killed--I'm already losing my retail stamina.

LM had fun at daycare. In fact he was really looking forward to going--he misses them a lot. But then this evening, when Bill picked him up he kept asking "where's mom?" Bill told him I was working, and he was not happy about that. Apparently he said "I miss mom" and "I want my mom." Ahhh-some confirmation that he does like to be with me!

Overall-still feel like I made the right choice. Glad to do some shifts for fun-but I still want to be home.

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