Saturday, April 18

time for bed

Ahhh, nothing like a little late night blogging. Bill has stolen the computer for the last few days (ok, so stolen may not be the right word considering he had a 20 page paper due yesterday and now finals this coming week, and I think the computer may actually be his), so I haven't been able to get my blog fix in.

So I have been cleaning. When an area is done with the deep cleaning, it is "happy." Right now I have a happy kitchen, happy craft area, happy living room, and semi-happy bathroom. If someone (meaning Bill or LM) makes a mess in the happy area, I have to remind them that "the kitchen is happy, so make sure you put your dishes in the dishwasher."

Next week I move to the bedroom which is now rather messy. You see as I go through the house cleaning other areas piles start to build up. Things to give away, things to store, things to throw away, things to file, etc. Then these piles get moved from space to space as I clean each area. So now these piles are all in the bedroom.

I mentioned to Bill the other day that this is the longest a deep clean has ever taken me. He pointed out that I have no deadline. Once I realized that I started going even slower. What am I going to do when I'm done?

I've been saving the best section for last--the bookshelf. I love dusting the bookshelf and all its knick knacks. What I really love though, is going through all the books and remembering them, why I love them, what I should read again, what I've never read. It is an enjoyable experience.

Wow, I can't believe I've just written another post about cleaning.


Daniel and Leslie said...

I am so glad that you are sharing your feelings about cleaning. People have been picking on me for years because I feel the same way you do. They think I'm Obsessive Compulsive. Let them put a name to it......but happiness is a much nicer name. If you are happy...that is all that matters. I don't mind having long as I'm happy:)

Amy said...

My kitchen is sad. My living room floor is despondent. My master bath is downright suicidal.

Cleaning lady (Mrs. Happy) comes this week though. I see an infusion of happiness just around the corner...

Prestwich Family said...

Maybe you could all send a little bit of the OCD my way!!