Friday, March 6

Somaly...and more

I don't think I've mentioned Somaly yet. She is amazing. We got to spend two days with her. Yesterday we had lunch at her house (I may be repeating myself; I feel like I am but it is hard to know b/c I've sent so many e-mails!). She has a beautiful but modest home. She was so gracious and loving. The best part was seeing her interact with the girls when we got to the shelter. She truly loves them--they are what motivates her. Today we went to the Australian ambassador's house to actually present the check to her. It was an amazing visit with lots of tears. The girls are so beautiful--it is really hard to describe. I was able to get a couple pictures with Somaly--she just kept telling us to feel comfortable with her. She wouldn't say goodbye only that we would all meet again. She really made us feel welcome and talked with us about what else we can do. This was truly a highlight of the trip.

I think overall one of the best highlights has been all of the amazing people I've met including Somaly. Everyone in the group has their own story, and as we have gotten to know each other I have learned so much. We also met Somaly's best friend/sister who has her own incredible story. There is just so much; I can't even begin to describe it all.

Really this is not a trip for the emotionally weak. Every night over dinner we just relate how emotionally drained we are. Sometimes it is like group therapy, and we literally debrief. From the girls, to S-21, and even just the kids on the street it is very trying. However I love this country--seeing everything and interacting with all these people has just made me love love love it. I can't wait to return. Bill and I are already planning a family trip out--which reminds me, this would be a fabulous place for a family vacation. Kids would love Cambodia-with all the animals and so many amazing things to see. I highly recommend it--and price wise it is super affordable. Your money goes into a plane ticket, which you can really get a good deal on, but then once you are here it is so cheap! It is very affordable.

Tomorrow is back on the bike-I think it should be a strong ride considering I had a wonderful hour long massage today (best massage ever and for only $7 including a generous tip!). By the way this is my third massage so far on this trip and certainly not my last!

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Arin said...

Hey Becca---I didn't realize you would be posting and I just randomly checked your blog! How amazing to hear about all your adventures.

Sounds like a truly life changing experience. Can't wait to hear more about everything in person...and see some photos when you get back!