Monday, January 12


Sentencing of defendents-last week.

Attendance-8 jurors, all the women jurors (each with a supportive companion), Bill came with me, courtroom was packed!

Feeling going back in the courtroom-extreme nerves, I honestly felt a little nervous that someone would recognize me (and why that was a problem, not sure)

Feeling during state witnesses and recommendation for sentencing-rush of all the feelings from the trial, feeling very good about our decision

Feeling during defendants witnesses and recommendation for sentencing-out rage!

Feeling during actual sentencing-hard to describe, but overwhelming relief and excitement, I was trying to write down all the months so I could add it all up at the end

Overall-I finally feel some resolution. There were people who supported our decision! There is a just punishment for horrible crimes. It was an amazing, overwhelming experience, but I recommend it to everyone. I will always be answering the call for jury duty and doing my civic duty (even if it is a boring civil case).


Amy said...

I'm going in for my civic duty tomorrow...but unlike you, I'm totally hoping for a "boring civil case!"

Arin said...

Glad you got some closure on that whole thing...pretty heavy stuff you had to sit through and ponder!

The Peton's said...

It's been facinating to hear about your experience. Seriously a great idea for a dissertation.