Monday, January 19

Beautiful day

Finally we have 8:30 church again! Yesterday was gorgeous so we headed out to the coast after church. About 2 minutes in, our trip was almost ruined. You can see the progression of what happened below.

As soon as we got there LM headed straight down to the water with his bucket. I of course went along to take pictures.
Of course he doesn't really understand how the water comes in. You can tell looking at this picture he is in for a bad time.I kept taking pictures like a good mom, so there is even this shot of the water starting to hit him. With the force of the wave he was down instantly, rolling around in the water. It was bitterly cold, and very scary for a little guy. Of course, I actually had to think for two seconds "do I really want to get wet?" Then I remembered that it was my kid out there and went running after him. I was able to redeem myself though because I remembered to bring a change of clothes for him!

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kmon said...

great pictures, great story! He's just following his heart. Doing what he thinks is the right thing. Good for him!