Saturday, October 11

I'm up

After laying in bed awake for over an hour, I figured I might as well get up. I'll probably go into work in a little bit, but thought it was also a great opportunity to update the blog.

Little Man is in true form right now, taking up our entire king size bed. Bill always describes him as water because if you move he somehow immediately fills the space. We did our first pumpkin carving with him last weekend. He was disgusted with it. He enjoyed watching us do all the work, but he kept saying "ewww, guck, gross." One of his favorite things to do is go through the house and count all the pumpkins (not that we have that many). This week we are going to take a little trip to a pumpkin patch, so I'm excited for him to see many more pumpkins than what he is used to.

Bill is incredibly busy with school and work. He has gotten to a point at his work where he just cannot accept all the projects people give him. It is very hard for him to turn down any project because he wants all the experience he can get. What ends up happening is that he works a little bit more than he should be considering he is a full-time student as well. He is also struggling to fit in his normal outdoor activities. His comment: "I'm getting fat." My response: "1 lb is not getting fat." I swear he is the most weight obsessed guy I know.

I am working and absolutely loving my job. I never imagined myself being in the position I am in now; it never seemed like it would actually be an opportunity. Now that I have it I can't imagine being anywhere else. I love the challenge of a new area; everyday I learn something new. I do struggle with leaving the work at the store, but I'm very committed to making my time at home more productive as well (especially since Bill is so busy at school).

If anyone does have even a teeny bit of free time check out the fashion week for Spring 2009. I haven't got to look at everything, but what I've seen is very exciting. I've actually been avoiding it a little because I just can't handle all the new, amazingness, with no money to purchase. Even though the actual items aren't available yet, I get caught up in certain designers and eventually find a piece I must have. It really isn't that hard to do!


Bonnie said...

i know someone more obsessed about weight than bill...mike...

becca said...


The Peton's said...

It's nice to hear when people love their jobs. You're pretty lucky. I wonder why you couldn't sleep. Hmmmm, little boy hogging the bed? That would make me get up too. See you at book club!

Shalyse said...

ok...just had to tell you, that you were totally right!!!

Got my skinny's...LOVE them!! already wore them twice!

good call! :-)

Amy said...

Becca - your fashion interest cracks me up. When I watch a fashion show (through some freak remote control malfunction)all I think of is that someone needs to slip those girls some burgers!