Wednesday, June 25


Napoleon and Tabitha are amazing! Every week I'm fall in love with their choreography. Tonight they had 2 numbers and once again I loved them. I totally agree with Nigel; I'm so glad they are a part of the show.

My favorite couples are still Katee and Joshua and Kherington and Twitch; however Chelsie and Mark are definitely moving up.


Liz Ogles said...

yeah i agree - i really liked katee and josh's dance today but i also liked the cool african jazz dance.. what was with the half dresses that they wore? pretty shocking..i really like kherington and twitches dance last week - mary the judge really really bothers me tho.. i wish mia was a permanent judge.

Arin said...

I have to totally agree...both numbers they choreographed were amazing!

The Peton's said...

I agree with you. Those were the best two numbers. That show is pretty amazing! I like the way the Katee girl dances, but she kind of bugs. And what's with the lady judge? Is she kind of crazy? She seems like a nice lady, but I'm just not quite sure.