Friday, June 6

Musical Epiphany

No, I have not just wrote an amazing masterpiece, but I have solved the puzzle of my varied and weird music tastes. (Note: The following is an introspective essay on why I love the music I do. Feel free to skim or skip completely!)

I recently bought the Sex in the City soundtrack. I love it. It is everything I wanted in a soundtrack and more. You may wonder why I even bought it. Well, I have a serious obsession with soundtracks. Out of any type of cd to buy, those are my favorite. I feel as though the music has more emotion because it is always involving a plot. Even if I don't know the plot or haven't seen the movie, I can imagine my own very easily. Also nice, you can never get tired of one type of music as most soundtracks are pretty varied.

I have often wished there was a soundtrack for my life. It would bring so much meaning to more work-outs if Rocky music was playing in the background. Or when I'm having a fabulous, sun-shining day to hear REM's "Shiny Happy People." I understand how music can add so much meaning and feeling to an event.

Therefore, I now understand why I love my music playlists so jumbled! I'm creating my own soundtrack. It always makes sense to me at the time I'm doing it. It just feels right. This is really not all that amazing of a discovery, but interesting still.

(You may be able to tell from this post that I have a serious issue with self-examination, introspection, thinking about myself, whatever you want to call it. One of my favorite pastimes is thinking about how my mind works, and why I am the way I am. As I told my mom once, "I admit; I'm a selfish person. I love to think about me!")


The Peton's said...

If you don't think about yourself, who will? That's what I tell myself anyway. I think the idea of personal soundtracks would be a nice way to get to know another person. Mine would have a little Metallica, mixed in with Natalie Merchant, Sting, some Mo Tab, and the list goes on and on. Different songs at different times I guess

Daniel & Leslie said...

Music is an interesting subject. I have always been fascinated with soundtracks. Have you ever tried to watch a movie without music. Some sounds systems let you block it. The movie is often times DULL!!! The music is usually what makes the movie.