Thursday, June 12

Movie time!

Last weekend we went and saw Kung Fu Panda. It was the LM's 2nd time actually viewing a movie in the theater. We were nervous about how he would do, but figured it was a good one to try because he loves the previews for it. We went up to Bridgeport to the IMAX and had a great time. LM loved the movie. Before it came on he kept saying over and over "where bear?" After he kept trying to do karate chops on me and Bill--I guess it was a little violent! Yesterday we saw the preview again on tv, and he was so excited. It was rewarding for me and Bill to take him to something that he really enjoyed. It wasn't that bad for us either; Jack Black did a great job!


Arin said...

Totally on our list of things to do. Glad to hear a good review!! Just wait until LM gets into Power Rangers...then you'll really see some serious Ninja moves!

Trish said...

We took the boys to it and Max is really into it. Jack has not had much interest in TV or movies, he was mostly interested in the popcorn and sprite. You can see who he takes after!
Love you guys.