Tuesday, June 17


The latest and greatest tag...10 photos...take them right away...NO CLEANING UP FIRST...tag 5 friends
1. Dream vacation...Definitely an around the world cruise. Bill and I have been dreaming about this since we got married, and we'll keep dreaming until it happens (which we plan to do as soon as we retire here in about 35 years give or take a few).

2. Self Portrait...This is definitely a comfy picture considering I just got back from my massage, feelin' good.
3. What my kid is doing right now...LM is sleeping (thank goodness!). I did not turn on the light for this picture, my flash is just extremely bright.4. My closet...Nothing amazing; I have to go through all my clothes at least every 3 months just to make space for new things! This is the only thing I hate about small apartments. I can handle every other small space, but the closet. I am constantly looking for new ways to improve the area and make it feel larger. However, my dream closet is amazing. I have a lot of plans for it!

5. Favorite Room...Since our little basement apartment is practically just one room, I decide to take a picture of my favorite corner. Of course that would have to be my little craft area. I can't decide if I enjoy doing crafts more or just reorganizing all my craft stuff.

6. Favorite shoes...Not to copy everyone else, but my Uggs beat all else for winter shoes. My summer shoes would have to be my Birks. (I picked these shoes based on how much I truly wear them. I do however, have some other favorites that are very near and dear to my heart, but just for the right outfit.)

7. My laundry room...This is interesting because we actually share a laundry room with the house and other guests. Therefore it is always perfectly clean. I'm not really a messy person, but a normal laundry area for me would tend to pile up.

8. A second bathroom...Oh boy, I decide to go crazy here. Since we only have one bathroom, I thought I should highlight a bathroom from the guest part of the house. As you can tell, the decor is not quite my style.

9. My kitchen sink...A little messy, but Bill is actually making dinner right now. I don't think I should actually call this my kitchen sink considering I'm hardly ever in here. Bill is the chef in our family.10. My fridge...Once again, not really mine, more Bill's. Although I must admit one of my favorite things to do is buy groceries and pack up the fridge. I love organizing and cleaning everything out.

Ok, I guess that is it! And I tag...Ashleigh, Trish, Lisa, Kendell, and Rachel

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Trish said...

Becca, Great Tag, I will go get it done!