Wednesday, April 23

My Purchase

Well this is it! My beautiful project table. After many months trying to find a solution to our lack of storage space, this was the answer. You may think this was just a purchase for me, but it really benefits the entire family. The table allowed me to clear a lot of my stuff out of the bedroom giving Bill much needed space for his clothes. It also opened up room from some of the kitchen cupboards; also a huge relief to Bill. I had been considering the purchase of a desk, but was unsure because it would still lack the true storage space I needed. Plus, a desk would most likely be much larger than our little living room could handle. I gave up the search.

I was re-inspired after visiting my friend Arin's beautiful new home. She has an amazing craft room with a project table similar to mine. When I saw the table I knew I had the answer. It was exactly what I needed. I started searching online for anything similar. My only requirement was that it had a lot of storage space. I found this amazing table at Pottery Barn. It has the shelving on both sides, so plenty of storage space. I measured the room, and it really seemed like it would be a perfect fit. I'm still looking for a stool, but until I find one I'm borrowing one from the house. It feels amazing to have all my things organized! Now I just need to finish Les Mis so I can start working on projects!


Prestwich Family said...

It looks great!!

Arin said...

Looks fab...I'm so glad you were inspired by my craft room...I seriously think it's my fave room in the house. Project tables are the best...I'm just a little jealous the big one would fit in your space...I could use the extra counter space!!!!

adventure knitter said...

wow! that's a gorgeous table! where did you get it?? I want a project table w/ an end like that!