Tuesday, February 12


Rodarte is interesting for me. I can't say I see myself wearing a lot of their fashions, but at the same time I love them. I feel like the two designers behind Rodarte, Kate and Laura Mulleavy, are absolutely amazing. I'm sure they will continue to amaze us for many years. Everything is handmade, so it makes the designs just a little more unique. I love the full skirt with fitted blouse and the amazing hosiery. Great cardigan, I mean the first outfit is perfect. I'm especially attracted to the knits, think the cardigan Agyness is wearing. I don't really love the pants, but the top is perfect (she could make anything look good though). The dresses were very light (not something I have liked as much this year), but I really loved the colors and style of their dresses. I honestly felt like their designs were more of artwork, less of clothing (think Edgar Degas ballerinas). Just beautiful--but I wouldn't wear it.

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