Monday, January 28

We're Back!

Whoa! It has been awhile. We actually got back late last Tuesday night, but the past week has been an absolute whirlwind, and I am definitely still recovering. These next few posts should catch everyone up on our life the last little bit.

We left Jan. 11th for Ohio and had a wonderful time. Unfortunately out of the three items I was having overnighted to me, only one made it before we left on our trip. However, this turned out to be the most crucial item of all; a carseat strap for the airplane. This device is absolutely amazing and a must have for any traveling mom. It functions as a carseat (keeping your kid trapped and apparently safe), but on your layover there is no huge, bulky seat to actually carry around. I discovered this last minute, as I searched one more time for something that could make my travels easier. The best part is it really works wonders. Not only is he strapped down, but he could not reach the seat in front of him (he is a real kicker). It was easy to use and very light weight. I definitely recommend it. (

As for the other items I was ordering (which I ordered a week before my trip, but overnighted just to be safe), one arrived a week after I had left. The other never left the stockroom. I called and was informed that yes I could return it immediately because they hadn't even shipped it! How's that for service! Unfortunately this place is very near and dear to my heart, so instead of getting super upset, I drove up to Portland the night before I left and bought something else to replace it. How's that for loyal customer!

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