Thursday, January 3

Cute little man

Yesterday LM and I had the day off together. I was on the computer (probably blogging) when I heard him grunting and breathing hard. I had no clue what he was doing, but since all the chairs were next to me, I figured it was safe (he usually grunts as he pushes the chairs around the house to make messes). He finally made it into the living room with my man's guitar. He wanted to play it, so I took it out of the case for him. He proceeded to sing and play the guitar for about 30 minutes. It was hilarious.


Arin said...

It's in his cute is he???

Tiffany said...

very very cute!!! I love it.
I also have to say thanks for your playlist - I listen to it while I'm working. Something you may want to check out: Brett Dennen's 'She's Mine' and 'Blessed'. I think you'd really like him!