Thursday, January 3

Christmas Recap

Like many of you other bloggers out there, I am a little behind in my blogging from Christmas. Here are some updates from the past few weeks. (our holiday picture, we are all wearing our favorite holiday sweaters!)

Christmas was great (mostly because I got to take the entire day off). LM enjoyed opening his gifts. He loved all of his new toys. His favorite of Christmas day was his busy book from Gma and Gpa Weidner. A couple of days later Uncle JJ won with the fishing rod. He also got a soccer ball so he can practice all his awesome soccer moves. We also bought two new movies for him, hoping to escape Baby Einstein (Little Nemo and Jungle Book). He loves Jungle Book; he likes Finding Nemo more, now that he has a fishing rod.

Bill and I didn't do bad for Christmas either. Gma and Gpa Weidner got us a fantastic video camera that we are excited to figure out. Bill picked out some new bike gear, and I picked out a few trinkets. It was definitely a good Christmas.

New Year's Eve was not too exciting, except for the fact that we finally had chocolate again! 1 year with no chocolate! It isn't as good as I remember it being. I didn't miss the plain chocolate too much. I do love the fact that I can finally have chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream again and again and again. It was an interesting year, but I don't necessarily recommend it to anyone. It has only made my chocolate cravings worse; for the past two days I have had a couple of pieces of chocolate for breakfast. (Bill and I were talking with friends yesterday, and we realized that we must have been crazy last year. 4 months of not buying anything new combined with no chocolate! And now I'm a shopachocoholic.)


Prestwich Family said...

You guys ARE crazy! No chocolate is like having no sex! Impossible! Did I just say that........okay, shhhh, don't tell anyone!

Arin said...

Kendell you crack me up! Anyway, Merry Christmas guys...glad to hear Santa was good to you Becca. I'm also glad to hear abstaining only makes addictions worse...I'll just keep shopping!