Monday, December 3

The truth of the matter

Through all the hard times, the happy times, sad times, crazy times, who was always there for me? My music. Yes, I am still connected to music in that silly dramatic teenage way. I know Tiff, Kel, and Sarah are just laughing and nodding their heads in agreement right now. They had to suffer through my bizarre and obsessive music choices. I’m the type of person who plays the same song over and over and over and over again just because I love it. And this isn’t just the popular music that everyone likes. Oh no, I had to find the most obscure songs. I would then make fabulous cds and playlists (for everyone I knew) that included all my favorites. My playlist might go something like this:

Wake Me Up Before You Go Go Wham (hangin' with the gals song)

Ghetto Cowboy Bone Thugs N Harmony (Thanks for this fav Tiff!)

Bonjour Beauty and the Beast (yes, I know all the words)

Uncle Tom’s Band Grateful Dead (going to the beach song)

One Song Glory Rent (good one to belt out)

Perfect Day Hoku (Number 1 on the morning playlist!)

For Whom the Bell Tolls Metallica (
I don't know what to write here)
Azul Cristin Castro (You should check out this music video)

Running Through my Head Frou Frou ( to much to explain here)

On My Own Les Miserables (another good one to belt out)

Fire and Rain James Taylor (true story)

Sunday, Bloody Sunday U2 (I live to see them play live!)

Where Is My Mind The Pixies (Who doesn't like this song?)

Stronger Kanye West (A fav at Fashion Central)

Billy Breathes Phish (Good pregnancy song--although I am not pregnant!)

Living on a Prayer Bon Jovi (Good karoke song)

Dancing Elisa (A new favorite)

Under Pressure David Bowie (This one was started in my early years)
Umbrella Rihanna (Another long story and embarrassing moment)
Grandma Betty Fiddlesticks (instrumental violin/cello duo) (Thanks Sarah!)

I don’t actually have this playlist right now; I had to cut and paste from a couple of playlists. (Once again, Sarah, Kelli, and Tiff might recognize a couple playlists in here.) However, I have to admit, this playlist looks so good, I might just have to make it. What a great mix! The funny part of this whole story is I never realized people didn’t like all my music until just recently. My poor friends, who for years suffered through my craziness, never really complained. I always made cds for car trips, and played my music non-stop. I love my music, but I understand it is not for everyone. Rachel (my bff from high school) is probably the only person who can identify with this serious problem I have. She and I definitely understood each other in this area. (And once again, drove everyone else up the wall.)

And now to the point, I have added a playlist to my blog. Yes, now you all can enjoy my craziness. Honestly, I love to hear my favorite music when I open my blog. I wish my journal had the same function. I have started out with some basic Christmas music that everyone can enjoy. We can really only enjoy this once a year after all. However, come January be prepared for a variety of songs.

True story: My man still talks about the day he was listening to my iPod and the first song that came on was Bulls on Parade by Rage Against the Machine. The next song was Goin’ Courtin’ from Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.


Shalyse said...

ghetto cowboy is one of my all time's THE GREATEST! :-) nice playlist. Why is it so much fun to blare music and rock out?!?!

Bill said...

This reminds me of when we were trying to think of a custom line on our ipod. The first thing you thought of was "Despite all my rage, I am still just a rat in a cage." (from "Bullet with Butterfly Wings"-- Smashing Pumpkins). I definitely looked at you with a new level of respect and admiration after that. You RAWK babe!

The Peton's said...

Wow Becca, Metallica! I have a new respect for you. I LOVE Metallica. My kids hate it though.

Arin said...

Rage...I love reminds me of when Bub and I started dating (he is also a big fan)! However I must say I have never actually followed it up with a show tune! Love the eclectic mix!

Jen said...

Love your musical taste! Especially Bonjour (I know all the words too!)... Maybe you'll inspire me to actually put some songs on the ipod that has been laying on my desk unused for months!

Tiffany said...

I love it!!! I remember those long road trips we had - listening to all your music. After all it was you who turned me on to Dave Matthews Band and Bon Jovi. Thanks! (I could have done w/o Styx though, J/K) I can't wait to listen to your playlist come January.