Monday, December 10

Shopping Day!!

Oh how I look forward to shopping days. Shopping is absolutely one of my favorite activities. For many years, I avoided calling shopping my hobby, but now I admit it freely. My man loves to bike, hunt, play guitar. When he has free time, he does those activities. One of my favorite things to do when I have free time is shop.

Tomorrow my friend Ashleigh and I will be hitting up the big city itself! We are starting our day with Anastasia eyebrow waxes at the downtown Fashion Central. After that, we go where our wallets take us. I'm sure we'll stop in at Anthro, and I have a gift to pick up at Powell's. We also plan on WHBM, basically Bridgeport. We'll have lunch at someplace fabulous. I have been looking forward to this day all weekend! It is a perfect way to spend my day off. (My second day off this week is bookclub, what an amazing week! The stars have aligned.)

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Alicia said...

You went to some of my favorite places! I just wish they were a little closer.