Monday, December 17

the most wonderful time of the year

At Fashion Central they have finally started playing Christmas music 100% of the time. Up until last Sat. Christmas music only made up 30% of our music. Holiday spirit is now up as well.

We have been busy little elves at our house, making popcorn balls (which many of you have finally received), making Christmas cards (no one has those yet, still working hard), and picking out, wrapping, and sending gifts (once again, haven't sent those yet either!). I already have some of the grand totals--80 Christmas cards and 100 popcorn balls (takes longer then you think). I know I'm a little behind when I start bringing my Christmas cards into work to make during my lunch. I know I'm really behind when I start making my work friends help me during their lunch.

Tonight we enjoyed the Christmas lights tour in Keizer. Little man only knows one word to describe the houses, so we heard "pretty" about 10 million times (which always requires a repeat "pretty" from us, just to assure we heard him).

We have loved going to all 4 of our Christmas parties. This year was our most ever; although I'm certainly hoping that number will grow someday. I can't wait to host a Christmas party myself. Someday when we have a tiny bit more room we'll have a grand old party. Until then I look forward to going to other people's houses!

Just about 1 week to go, and pretty much zero days off. The funny thing is I never mind too much. Helping other people do their holiday shopping is still just as much fun as doing my own. It is a great time of year to be around others and enjoy the holiday spirit!

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