Friday, November 30

So You Think You Can Dance

On Tuesday I went to the So You Think You Can Dance Live Concert in Portland with some friend from work. I loved the show, and I love dance concerts, so when one of my friends brought up the idea of going I was definitely on board. We kind of forgot about the concert because we bought the tickets back in the beginning of August. All of a sudden the concert was next week, and I didn't even have time to get excited. I wondered if I would even like it because it certainly wouldn't be like other dance concerts I had attended.

It was amazing! One of the best shows I have ever seen. The skill level of the dancers, despite their young age was incredible. I feel like I have seen some amazing dancers before, but these ones were ridiculously good, especially the guys. It was interesting because my favorites changed a little while watching the concert. During the show I was definitely a fan of Sabra (who won the competition), but at the concert I was more a fan of Danny and Neil, two of the other finalists. Lacey was also fabulous. They performed a few new dances, and then all the favorites from the show. I was pretty much star struck the entire show. If they come again to Portland next year, I will definitely be there!

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amy jo said...

That is crazy fun that you went to that concert!!! I have a hard time watching talent competitions on TV because I get such anxiety about their performance and critique...I can just imagine what they would say to me...ugh!