Saturday, October 13

The truth of the matter

The truth of the matter is...
I dislike animals. Dislike may be a little weak. I really dislike animals. There is something about the smell and hair of a little furry creature that completely repels me. I know this seems crazy to many animal lovers out there, so I normally try to keep it a secret. When I tell people I don't like animals, they usually become very combative about how sweet and lovable their little "pumpkin" is. And then I end up saying "well, of course I love your animal, who couldn't?" thinking secretly that no, I actually do hate all animals.

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Bill said...

I love you babe, even if your hatred of the animal is a bit frightening at times. I share your feelings for cats. Too bad little man loves his little kitten picture book. I think I'll have to throw that book away.