Wednesday, October 10


The time has come to share my DETAILS with others. Who doesn't enjoy talking about themselves? I'm no different from anyone, believing that the quirky details of my life are so wonderful, people are lining up to hear all about me. At any rate, I figure this is a chance to not only expand my writing skills, but express myself. I always thought I would write some fabulous book, maybe this is it. Without further ado...

I finally spent some time working on my next book. It is nothing special, more of a refresher on how to actually make one, since it has been so long. But on a high note I made some fantastic plans for the next two. I think Fashion Central is affecting me a little much. I decided to do a small series of books that use magazines pictures as the pages. Not just any magazine pictures, of course all from my personal favorite, Vogue. What can I say? I know in 10 years I will think this is a little obsessive...I hope.

Fashion Central was offsite today doing community service at a non-profit children’s mental health center. Although, you would think for being Fashion Central we would at least wear colorful t-shirts. This year was the same as last, plain white--the essence of a t-shirt. However it is always interesting to see how everyone reflects their own style in how they wear it, possibly a long sleeve shirt underneath or maybe a chic jacket over it. I guess we get some points for that.

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Sarah said...

Becca, I'm glad that you're going against the grain a little and starting a blog. This is going to be my mid-homework entertainment, and I know you won't let me down. I'm going to follow your details!