Friday, October 12

The Beast Unleashed

It was not a good day at Fashion Central today. I know this is just a small sampling of what is to come. With the holiday season right around the corner there is no hope for me. Basically I end up working longer hours so I can get everything done. Some people suggest prioritizing and only doing the most important things, instead of trying to do everything. Hello, this is me we are talking to. I do EVERYTHING. I cannot let one thing go undone, untouched, unorganized. I'm sure I drive my crew crazy. I just can't help it. Nothing is too small to be done. I want it all done! Tomorrow I will start my day at Fashion Central around 7:00, instead of the usual 7:30. I will probably skip my lunch (like usual), and work until at least 5:00. WARNING: I do not think this is a good thing; however, it seems to be uncontrollable.

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